Stock Market: The Basics

More and more people are getting into the stock market because they think that they can make big money quickly. That's the biggest misconception about the stock market and why so many people fail. While it's true that a tiny percentage of people do make it big - and fast - with the stock market, the vast majority of investors make small increments of money over time. Stocks are the most effective investment for long-term growth; better than bonds and better than real estate. But the key term is long-term.

Another stock market myth is that investors get hunches about which stocks to buy. This is the surest way to lose all your money. Smart investors research the companies and their competitors in which they are going to invest. Moreover it helps to research the country in which the company is located and any other pertinent information. What I'm trying to say is simply: The most important thing about investment is accurate and comprehensive information. This is how you make wise investments.

Finally, it's good to invest incrementally. Don't invest all in one stock and don't invest all of your finances in one foul swoop.

Invest cautiously and informatively with a long-term focus and you'll be successful.

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  • Optimize trading strategies parameters
  • Give recommendations to buy, hold, avoid or sell
  • No server connection or historical data fees.

Stock Predictor

  • Back-test technical investment strategies
  • Plot technical historical stock charts
  • Construct and apply daily trading strategies
  • Analyze the performance of automated strategies

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  • Updated! Data Import module for Stock Predictor

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March 12, 2008

Data Import Module for Stock Predictor This module is an add on for Stock Predictor product. Ii allows you to import historical stock quotes data from plain ASCII text files, such as created by our Historical Quotes Downloader product or Stock Quotes Pro into Stock Predictor database.

February 15, 2008

Stock Predictor hits national media with a feature story in GP Solo, a publication of the American Bar

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